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This trekking of three days is the easiest way to get to the Cordillera Blanca’s heart without taking too much time to get in. A trekking that will allow you to enjoy summits, to see the immensity of this Cordillera, but also wildlife and very rich flora. With some luck, you will see a condor.

Itinerary :
Day one : Portada Pitec (3700) - Cayesh Pampa (4100) : 10 km
A bit more than one hour on the road will bring us until Pitec (3800) from where will start the walk. The walk will take place in Quilcayhuanca’s valley, in the middle of impressive cliffs, and will bring us into the valley for about 4h30 walking, on a easy way and quite enough flat. Camping at about 4100 meters of altitude.

Day two : Cayesh Pampa (4100) - Paso Huapi (5020) - Qojup (4000) : 11 km
This is the big day of this trekking. Getting to the alpine, we will watch the Tullpacocha’s lake, then the Cuchilla’s lake, located at 4600 meters of altitude. The following will be through some scree, to cross the Huapi’s collar at 5020 meters of altitude. So, we will watch the Cayesh, Ranrapalca, San Juan and Ishinca’s summits. Then, will wait a good getting down into the beautiful Qojup’s valley. So we will see the Palcacocha’s lake, but also the impressive moraine built by the glacier’s retreat. Camping in the valley at about 4000 meters.

Day three : Quebrada Qojup - Portida Qojup (3900) : about 7 km
Only flat and getting down to join the Qojup’s valley’s exit. Again some beautiful views at impressive cliffs’ foot. This walk along the river will give us the possibility to watch some birds, like a rich flora for those altitudes. Our driver will wait us to get back to Huaraz after 40 minutes of road, about 1 p.m. 

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