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The National Park of Huascaran is full of wonders among which the famous Pastoruri Glacier. Located in the southern part of the Cordillera Blanca, it peaks at 5201 meters above sea level. It has been very affected by the global warming and has already lost a part of its ice cover that gave birth to a little lake. It’s an excellent day tour.

There are tours that leave from Huaraz at 8h30 am to go there. On the way, we can find the gaseous waters of Puma Pampa, the lake of seven colors. Next to it grow up numerous Puya Raimondii, these Andean plants that can reach 9m tall and that die after flowering. Since the place where the bus stops, a 45 minutes walking is necessary to get to the Glacier (5000m above the sea level). It’s possible to rent horses to do it.

The bus is supposed to arrive in Huaraz at 6pm.
For each tour, the National Park of Huascarán entrance fee costs 30 soles.

The guides use to speak Spanish, sometimes English. Do not hesitate to ask our team for more information.

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