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Day 1. Huaraz - Matacancha - col Rondoy - Jahuacocha:

We will leave from Huaraz early on the morning and after 4 hoursof bus we’ll arrive in Matacancha (4150m), the starting point ohthe trekking in the Cordillera Huayhuash.
From Matacancha, you’ll begin climbing the col of Rondoy (4735m)after 7 km walking.

Quickly, you’ll see incredible summits like Ninas-Hanca, Rondoy, Mituraju and Yerupaja.
Since the pass, you’ll have an extraordinary view of turquoise- blue Lake Solteracocha.
Then, you’ll walk down around 3 hours to arrive to the banksof the Jahuacocha Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes of the Cordillera Huayhuash.
You’ll go along the lake during 2.5km in order to set up campon the other side of the lake.
The view from the camp is simply breathtaking; there are the Jirishanca and Yerupaja against a backdrop.
(Dist 13 km, D+ 585m, D- 635m)

Day 2. Jahuacocha - Barrosococha-Jahuacocha

You’ll leave the camp of Jahuacocha situated on the east bank of the lake. Then, you’ll walk up on the Valley of Rasac. First, you’ll pass the green-water Rasaccocha Lake, and then you’llgo on up until the glacier Lake Barrosococha situated at4650masl. You’ll arrive at the foot of the Rasac peak and itsimpressive glacier.

Afterwards, you’ll come back to Jahuacocha. You’ll be able togo back to the camp by the west bank of the lake. There,you’ll enjoy the numerous birds living on the banks of the lakeand inside the reed. Andean gooses, black-faced ibis, kingfish- ers, Andean Gulls, herons, ect.

You’ll spend the night in the same camp of Jahuacocha(4100masl).
(Dist 11.5 km, D+ 550m, D- 550m)

Day 3. Jahuacocha - Llaucha Punta - Mirador Huacrish - Ja- huacocha:
The day will start in Juahuacochaagain but this time you’ll walk inthe Huacrish quebrada until theYaucha Punta pass that you’lljoin after around 5.5km, at 4800masl. By coming up to the pass, the Yerupaja (6617), the highest summit of the Cordillera Huayhuash, will, little by little, show you what it is made of.After that, you’ll pass the Huac-rish crest and keep on going up, until 4900masl.

At the end of the crest, you’ll overlook the Jahuacocha valley,the Jahua and Solteracocha lakes and the legendary summits oh this Cordillera like the famous Siula Grande, known thanksto the book entitled “Touching the Void “written by the alpin-ist Joe Simpson.

During those moments, you probably will see one of the most beautiful panoramas that exist.
Finally, you’ll take a really steep slope of 3km that will leadyou to your camp of Jahuacocha.

(Dist 11 km, D+ 800m, D- 800m)

Day 4. Jahuacocha - Mancan Punta - Pocpa:

For the last day of trekking you’ll cross the last pass named Mancan at 4580 masl. You’ll enjoy the last views of the lakesand peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash. After the will already see the Cordillera Blanca far away as well as the Cordillera Huallanca. You also will see the Pocpa village at the end of the valley, more than 1000m downer.

In Pocpa, your vehicule will be waiting for you and will take you back to Huaraz.
You should arrive in Huaraz after around 3h of transportation, that is to say you should arrive at the end of the day.

To finish, you’ll spend the night in Huaraz.

(Dist 8.5 km, D+ 480m, D- 1105m)

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