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The beginning of the hike starts about 15 minutes from the center of Huaraz, it is very easy to get there in collectivo (No. 10 or E) from Hualcan Street, at the intersection of Avenida Antonio Raymandi. It is a small lake located in the Black Cordillera. It will delight you with the meeting of many natives on the way, but also by the breathtaking view offered on the Cordillera Blanca. This hike will fill perfectly half a day and is ideal for a gentle acclimatization to the Andean altitudes. This hike is considered easy because you do not pass the bar of 4000 meters. But beware, there is still 500 vertical meters to climb (3200-3700), so it's far from flat. To return to Huaraz, you will easily find a collectivo for one sole.

(Alt. Min : 3200m – Alt. Max : 3700m – Dist. Total : 7km)

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