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Llanganuco lakes are part of the National Park of Huascarán were born from the snow-capped peaks thaw of the Huascarán (Peru’s highest mountain) and Huandoy mounts, they’re nicknamed Chinancocha « female lake » and Orconcocha « male lake». The first one distinguishes itself thanks to its wonderful turquoise waters and its queñuales woods, typical of the Andes, whereas the second one offers clearest waters, almost sky blue. Both culminate at 3850 meters.

To go there, you can book a tour that leaves from Huaraz at 9am. During the day, you’ll see the city of Carhuaz and the Campo Santo of Yungay, vestige of the old town that was buried after the 1970’s terrible earthquake. Then, you’ll stop at the beautiful Chinacocha Lake and for 5 soles you’ll be able to navigate on it. To finish, near from Huaraz, there is a little town named Taricá where some artisans will show you their savoir-faire.

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