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The trekking of the Ishinca’s valley, one of the most beautiful hikes of the white cordillera, is an excellent alternative to the Santa Cruz’s trekking. An alternative that offers more freedom and autonomy because you will not have to wait on the group's starting. Hiking this way, you will have some spectaculars views, where you will enjoy from the wildlife’s diversity, the flora and where you will flirt with the 5000 meters of altitude.

Moreover, since the nights are in a shelter that offers half-pension, this trekking doesn’t need a big logistic ( muleteers, donkeys,tents etc…) ; this allows to spare.This is so a trekking that you can do in private and at low costs.


Day one : Huaraz – Pashpa – Ishinca’s shelter
A car will bring you to the Pashpa’s hamlet, at about one hour from Huaraz’s tracks. Since here, at 3900m, you will begin the walk of 12km (5h-6h) that will bring you to the Ishinca’s shelter located at 4400 meters. You will have first an spectacular view on the Huascaran, before to get in the valley crossing a beautiful quenuals’ forest, typical trees of those altitudes. Then the pastures will left the place to the waterfalls, before to show you the Tocllaraju, impressive pyramid very wanted from the alpinists with his 6030 meters. Night under tent or in shelter, depending of the option choice.

Day two : Ishinca’s shelter – Ishinca’s shelter
This day,  there are several options, since the night will be at the same place.
First option : about 2h-3h of walk will allow you to do a round trip until the lake ? located above the rocky deposits left by glaciers through the time. Back to the base camp, you will be able to refresh and to enjoy the landscapes.
Second option : a bit more difficult, since you will get to the Lake Ishinca, at 5000 meters of altitude, at the foot of the summit of the same name, a classic of the white cordillera and also very wanted by alpinists. You will be back to the base camp after about 4-5 hours of walk, with some pictures full the head.

Day three : Ishinca’s shelter – Pashpa – Huaraz
A walk of about 4-5 hours will allow you to get down until Pashpa. Doing this reverse way, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover those landscapes under an another point of view, as beautiful as astonishing. A car will wait you to bring you back to Huaraz.


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