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Day 1. Huaraz - Matacancha - col Cacanan - Janca (Mitucocha):

Early morning departure from Huaraz for 4-5h drive towards Quar- telhuain, starting point of our trekking in the Huayhuash mountain range. We will start walking in the early afternoon and begin our trekking directly by the Cacananpunta pass at 4690 m. Then we wil

go down to the village of Janca in Quebrada Caliente where we will establish our camp. Then you can walk freely to Lake Mitococha before returning to the camp. It is a little less than10 km awaiting us for this first day.

(Dist 10 km, D+ 540m, D– 490m)

Day 2. Janca—Punta Jirishanca—Carhuacocha:

Today 9 km are on the program. After a good full breakfast prepared by our cook, we will attack the Punta Jirishanca pass(4750 m). At this point we will pass between the peaks Jiris-hanca Chico and Col Yanayana. Then going down we will pass near Lake Alcaycocha before continuing our walk to Lake Car- huacocha where we will camp for the night.

(Dist 9 km, D+ 450m, D– 550m)

Day 3. Carhuacocha—Siula Punta—Huayhuash:

For this 3rd day of walking we will have the right to a break- through in the mountain range Huayhuash. Indeed, we will take a path closer to the side of the major peaks and particu- larly the Yerupaja (6617 m). It is not less than 4 lakes of altitu- des to which we will be entitled during this day which is cer- tainly one of the most beautiful that offers this trekking in the cordillera Huayhuash.

(Dist 13 km, D+ 600m, D– 400m)

Day 4. Huayhuash –Portachuelo de Huayhuash-Viconga- Atuscancha:

A dozen kilometers and a pass at 4750 m are on the program of the fourth day. During this day we will pass near Lake Sue- roccocha and the huge Viconga which extends over approxi- mately 1500 ha. Arriving at Atuscancha we can relax in the thermal waters.

(Dist 10.5 km, D+ 350m, D– 350m)

Day 5. Atuscancha-Punta Cuyoc-Huanacpatay:

A short day of walking today, less than 9 km are enough to reach our camp but it will still pass the pass of Punta Coyoc at4950 m. After passing this pass we will arrive in QuebradaHuanacpatay where we will camp.

(Dist 8.5 km, D+ 650m, D– 600m)

Day 6. Huanacpatay—San Antonio-Huayllapa:

More than 18 km, a pass at 5000 m. This is the little that awaits you for this 6th day of trekking in the Huayhuash mountain range. It is clearly the longest day and it starts strong with the Mirador San Antonio pass at almost 5000 m. Fortunately the reward is beautiful, the pass offers an excep- tional view of the southwestern part of the majestic Huayhuash mountain range. Then, the rest of the day, we will descend gradually along the Rio Calinca to the village of Huayllapa.

(Dist 18.5 km, D+ 550m, D– 1500m)

Day 7. Huayllapa—Tapush Punta-Gashapampa:

On the 7th day of our trekking in the Huayhuash mountain range we are at the western tip of the mountain range. We will climb to the Tapush Punta pass at 4750 m and we will stop just after it. We will then be in Quebrada Gashapampa where we will settle for the night.

(Dist 11 km, D+ 1200m, D– 300m)

Day 8. Gashapampa-Yaucha Punta-Jahuacocha:

Today we will pass our last big pass, the Yaucha Punta (4847 m). Before going down to Laguna Jahuacocha. On the way we will once again be able to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that are offered to us during our trekking in the Huayhuash mountain ran- ge.

(Dist 11 km, D+ 600m, D– 850m)

Day 9. Jahuacocha-Mancan Punta-Pocpa:

For this last day of trek you will pass a last pass, that of Mancan at4580 meters. You will enjoy the last views of the lakes and peaks ofthe Huayhuash mountain range. Passing the pass, you will already see in the distance the Cordillera Blanca and the small mountain range of Huallanca. And also you will see the village of Pocpa at the bottom of the valley, more than 1000 meters lower. It is in Pocpa that you will wait for the vehicle that will take you back to Huaraz.

The return on Huaraz is scheduled for the end of the day, after about 3 hours of road.

(Dist 10 km, D+ 600m, D– 1200m)

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