ALPA -K is an active travel agency throughout Peru for travel discoveries but also specialized in trekking in the White Cordillera and Huayhuash . Integrate ALPA -K in your trekking trip is a garanteed and security. Together, we will establish a relationship of trust . We practice responsible tourism , respectful of local communities and the environment .

Responsible tourism :

We respects the rules set by the National Parc “Huascaran”, especially one of them very important: all the garbage produced by our agency is brought back to Huaraz.
We respects the official prices for the payment of his employees, not depending on their profession (guides, cooks, drivers etc.)
Moreover, all the staff working at mountain receives the same meals in quantity and quality as for the clients.
We has a big respect to the community met during trekkings.
We respects the weight of charge on animals that wear the entire bivouac’s material.

We are an active travel agency in all Peru for some discovery travels, but also specified for trekkings in the Whites Cordilleras and Huayhuash.
To integrate a trekking Alpa-K in your travel is a warranty and a safety.
Together, we will establish a relationship of trust.
We do a responsible tourism, respectful of the local’s communities and the environment.